7 Best Metal Digital Business Cards (2023): Unique Finishes

Best Metal Digital Business Cards

So, you have decided to get a metal digital business card to advance how you connect with people.

Who does not want to be noticed holding a classy digital business card with NFC and QR code technologies?

The impressionable feel and look of the metal digital business cards is a competitive edge that can potentially increase sales conversions.

An impression is the first step to a beneficial business partnership.

I have used a V1CE metal business card for six months and always get inquiries about its usefulness.

To stand out in networking, you must be tech-savvy in tracking, capturing leads, and keeping your customers updated.

In this article, I will review the best metal digital business cards, helping you decide on the single card that fascinates you and suits your professionalism.

What Are The Best Metal Digital Business Cards?

Here are my top picks of the best metal digital business cards.

The popularity of MOBILO is for a good reason. It has all the affordances you could seek in an NFC card.


MOBILO digital card

The stylish design of MOBILO entails laser engraving in silver, gold, and black colors, which are suitable for making great and memorable impressions when exchanging contacts with prospective clients.

MOBILO is compatible with iOS and Android devices, which is good because we work and interact with digitally civilized people.

Many professionals like the MOBILO brand because of its sensitivity to environmental sustainability.

For every wooden business card made, they plant a tree in partnership with the Plant-a-Tree initiative, and this contributed to their inclination to produce more metal business cards.

Key Features and Pros:

  • 85.60*53.98 mm dimensions: This size is suitable for making a professional statement. It’s not too big to fit in the palm.
  • Data Insights: Marketing managers can now use MOBILO metal digital business cards to create team profiles and evaluate performance based on leads engagement data.
  • NFC Chip: The user needs to only tap the MOBILO business card on a client’s phone to exchange contact, which is a first step toward great communication.
  • QR Code: This feature is helpful for a large population with older phones with working cameras. Users have to scan the QR code to exchange contact.
  • NFC Key Fob: MOBILO has an NFC key fob attached to your keys, a reminder so you cannot forget your MOBILO metal digital business card at home.
  • NFC Smart Button: MOBILO metal business card also comes with an NFC smart button that users can attach to their phones, which is helpful for instant connectivity and saves time.


  • Profile customization affordances are limited compared to other metal business cards.


MOBILO digital card pricing


I recommend MOBILO metal business cards to professionals because the company customizes QR codes to match brands’ logos and colors.

2. V1CE.

V1CE Card

I have experienced the cutting-edge potential of V1CE metal business cards in networking.

V1CE has an ultra-modern, sleek design that makes instantaneous and seamlessly memorable connections.

Let not its skin-deep beauty trick you into thinking V1CE is not durable.

No! The card is built of aluminum with rounded and brushed edges.

Like MOBILO, V1CE uses NFC technology, which is contactless and appless.

It also allows users to customize and swap their profiles in real-time.

It stores users’ contact links and bios in a single source.

Key Features and Pros:

  • 85*54mm dimensions: The V1CE card’s size allows a 2cm/4cm*6cm wide logo to fit in.
  • Real-time analytics: Just like MOBILO, V1CE provides marketing managers with real-time data on a brand’s networking progress and potential sale conversions
  • NFC Chip: I have used V1CE’s NFC capability, and it does not require an app or contact to share information.
  • Compatibility with Android and iOS: I use V1CE on Apple and Android phones.
  • Customization: It is easy to customize your digital profile whenever you need to match details with updated business deals.
  • QR Code: It is convenient for users with older phones.
V1CE QR code


It is appless, so users have to use browsers whenever they need to check their V1CE profiles online.


I recommend V1CE over MOBILO because users can customize their profiles without limitations.

3. Popl Card.

Popl Card Homepage

Now, the Popl metal business card helps navigate the dynamic business landscape.

People always seek more convenient and fast ways to network without contact.

For instance, because of increased remote working where teams only meet through virtual platforms, they seek contactless networking and customer management.

Popl comes in handy in networking due to its NFC technology that does not require apps.

Popl holds user business profiles, contacts, bios, social media links, videos, payment apps, and websites.

Users can share the QR code online to scan and obtain the intended digital information.

Popl card is made of premium carbon and steel, and its QR code is laser engraved.

Popl. How it works

Key Features and Pros:

  • 2*3.5*0.1 inches: The dimensions allow the card to be lightweight, making it easy to swap or tap on the phone.
  • QR Code: If the NFC chip is not working or if users have older phones, Popl Card has a QR code for contact sharing.
  • NFC Chip: It makes bio-sharing convenient.
  • Keychains, smartphone cases, badges, and wristbands: Popl’s accessories suit marketing teams with massive networking events.
  • Compatibility: You can use Popl cards on Android and iOS smartphones.
  • Customizable QR code: Popl allows users to customize the QR code as a widget.


  • Popl users can agree that it has limited color options for QR code


Popl Pricing


Popl metal digital business card is great because it has a free app where users can conveniently personalize their profiles.

4. Wave.

Wave Homepage

Well, Wave metal digital business card users can agree that it offers great service topped by its matte black stainless design with a colored logo. It also has QR codes and NFC technologies.

Wave is an excellent networking tool because of its impressive 3D design, embossing the wave logo and artwork customized for businesses and marketers requiring their logo to be engraved and colored.

The wave card chip, which is laser engraved, glows in the darkness.

This feature is fascinating even though it does not add to Wave functionality.

With Wave card, you can share personal and business websites, contact information, social media accounts, photos, business logos, and bio.

Key Features and Pros:

  • 5.4*8.56*0.1cm dimensions: This size makes it lightweight at only fifty grams.
  • NFC Chip: The wave-fast connection through the NFC chip is fascinating because it saves users time
  • QR Code: You can use Wave QR code to connect with clients using older phones
  • Compatibility: Wave is compatible with Android and Apple smartphones
  • CRM integration: Automating workflows based on engagement data collected through the Wave card is easy.
  • Analytics: Managers can use Wave card data to monitor the real-time efforts of marketers.
  • Teams directory: Marketing teams’ performance can be monitored through Wave metal digital business card data
  • Customization: I liken Wave’s customization affordance to Popl’s, where users can regularly update personal information.


  • Wave card is among the metal digital business cards that are expensive.


Wave Pricing


Wave metal digital business card is suitable for marketers working as a team because its data analytics can give insights on performance improvement.

5. TapiTag.

TapiTag Homepage

TapiTag metal digital business card comes in multiple forms, including executive Rose-Gold, Gold Metal, Gun Metal, and Black Metal NFC business cards.

It is heavier and feels sturdy with rounded edges.

It is the size of an Apple Credit Card but weightier, which helps make a bold statement to prospective customers.

TapiTag has a premium varnish finish that protects it from scratches and scuffs.

It also has a QR code and NFC chip printed on it for seamless contact exchange.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Weighing 60 grams, TapiTag has 9*6*0.1cm dimensions
  • “Connect with me” button: This NFC feature is helpful for lead generation because it captures new prospective clients’ data by just tapping it.
  • Customization: The profile is customizable, where users can edit or add logos, branding colors, and personal information. This is important in building a strong business identity that reflects professionalism.
  • QR Code: TapiTag contact card offers the option to download a personalized QR code
  • Multiple Profile Fields: Users have the affordance of 53 fields, which gives ample space to feed all the appealing information.


  • It is not app-based, so users must take time on the TapiTag site to edit details.
Tapitag Pricing


TapiTag is suitable for users requiring to feed bulk information in their profile because it offers 53 fields.

6. Linq.

Linq card homepage

The Linq metal business card is great for boosting your networking capabilities because its design is minimalist and elegant.

It has a matte black varnish with a laser engraved, colored logo.

Linq is made of steel, which is durable and strong against scratches and breaking.

It stores social profiles, contacts, photos, videos, websites, payment links for PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and business information.

Key Features and Pros:

  • NFC Chip and QR code: These primary features provide versatility in how people opt to connect.
  • Customization: You can log into your profile to edit and update your information.
  • Marketing integrations: Linq contact card provides managers with team performance information and insights on CRM.


Linq metal contact card’s site has a less efficient syntax and is slow when editing professional profiles.

Linq Pricing


Linq metal digital business card is suitable for business transactions because it provides redirections for payment methods.

7. My Metal Digital Business Card.

My Metal Digital Business card

My Metal digital business card is another excellent choice for people seeking high-tech networking.

My Metal card reflects durability because it is made of stainless steel with a varnished finish and slightly rounded edges.

Its basic customizable logo design, 8mm thickness, and single-tap functionality enabled by the NFC technology enhance its networking capabilities.

You will stand out when networking with My Metal card, especially because you can customize the print design and cutouts.

Key Features and Pros:

  • NFC Chip: It uses the NFC 215 chip, a little over 70 inches in diameter. Like other business cards, My Metal card enables seamless transfer of contact information to nearby devices.
  • 3.46*1.96 dimensions: Its size enhances its sleekness
  • 8mm thickness: It feels sturdy, and its weight makes a bold statement when tapping on the client’s device


  • It is slower in connection compared to NFC metal cards such as TapiTag.


While it is slower than other cards, My Metal NFC card guarantees sale conversions because of its design, size, and customizable logo.

What Are Metal Digital Business Cards?

Metal digital business cards are the new tools “green” companies are using in line with the goal of environmental sustainability to shun paper business cards.

They are made of metal materials such as stainless steel and aluminum with varying colors such as black and gold, and are all NFC enabled.

Different companies, including Popl, MOBILO, and V1CE, have unique metal card designs to make users stand out in professional functionality.

Some cards have a QR code suitable for older phone users who cannot read NFC chips.

Metal cards are sophisticated and likely to catalyze sale conversions compared to paper business cards.

They shout elegance, durability, and instantaneous memories during networking.

They also store large amounts of personal data, including social media profiles and contact information such as email, websites, and business information.

How Do Metal Digital Business Cards Work?

Metal digital business cards work through NFC chips and QR code capabilities, enhancing contactless networking.

For instance, users can share the QR code online for scanning.

With the NFC chip, users must tap the card on a client’s Android or Apple smartphone.

The idea is to have a card with a sleek design and fast connectivity.

Final Thoughts:

I recommend the above metal digital business cards reviewed in the article.

Still, I know every professional has unique tastes in business card design, the speed of NFC chip connectivity, and the amount of information that can be saved in the profile.

If you have extensive data to feed into the profile and require a card with fast, smart connectivity, go for TapiTag.

If you want a metal card with a customizable QR code in color and branding, go for MOBILO.

In this sense, individual preference will determine the choice of metal digital business cards for networking.

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