6 6 Best Zoho CRM Alternatives in 2023 (CRM Software Review)

best Zoho CRM alternatives

If you ask a business person why they started their business, you are likely to get a single answer: To get a profit. I agree with their reasons since profit is the main factor in starting a business.

Many business people can agree with me that the customer is the most important party in their business. This statement means that your business will likely prosper if you improve how you interact with your customers.

For you to succeed, your business needs CRM solutions. CRM means Customer Relationship Management and this name indicates that CRM apps help you interact with your customers better.

With CRM tools, you can also increase your sales. Many businesses use Zoho CRM, but this app cannot fulfill every company’s needs.

In this article, I will provide the best Zoho CRM alternatives that you can choose from based on your business needs.

What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM Home page-Best Zoho CRM Alternatives

When many businesses think of a tool that could improve their relationship with the customer, they think of Zoho CRM, and with good reasons. As I pointed out earlier, every business wants to improve its profits.

With Zoho CRM, you can control sales, marketing, and customer support from one place. This app also allows you to track leads and contacts.

With Zoho CRM, you can access your contacts, notes, leads, and deals in a single click. You just need to have the Zoho CRM app on your computer or mobile phone.

Zoho CRM Features:

  • Marketing and Sales Automation: Zoho CRM allows you to foresee the likelihood of making a deal or a lead succeed. It allows you to track such leads and seal them.
  • Call using Zoho CRM: With Zoho CRM, you have quick access to your contacts, and it can remind you of the scheduled calls.
  • Omnichannel Communications: Zoho CRM allows you to connect your contacts, social media, live chat, website forms, and chats, allowing you to communicate with your contacts quickly and resolve customer issues from a single platform.
  • Social Collaborations: With Zoho CRM, you can conduct relevant conversations with your colleagues through chats, sending audio notes, and creating custom tags. With the custom tags, you can assign tasks and organize deals.
  • Mobile App: The RouteIQ feature allows you to see the planned meetings and identify the best route to the meetings to avoid delay.
  • Adjust to your specific needs: Zoho CRM allows you to adjust the app to fit your business’s needs.


Pricing plans for Zoho CRM are as shown below:

Zoho Pricing

Why look for Zoho CRM Alternatives:

We can agree that Zoho is an all-in-one CRM tool that can support smaller enterprises in scaling their marketing campaigns. The tool’s CRM system can help sales and marketing teams through contact management, lead management, and task management.

Even so, my reasons for engaging a CRM software could be different from yours. Your business needs differ from other businesses, and Zoho CRM cannot fulfill every company’s needs.

That’s why you have to identify Zoho CRM alternatives. The best Zoho CRM alternatives should improve the sales process and your business profitability.

Below is a list of the best Zoho CRM alternatives you could choose from.

What Are The Best Zoho CRM Alternatives?

1. HubSpot.

HubSpot Homepage

Hubspot’s qualities make it among the best Zoho CRM competitors. Hubspot allows you to get unlimited users and data and a detailed overview of your sales pipeline.

Sales teams can use this information to improve sales processes. Hubspot’s simple user interface and cost-effectiveness make it a great Zoho alternative.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Ease of Use: No one would like to use an app that is hard to operate. With Hubspot’s simple user interface, this becomes a reality. First-time users don’t have to get used to the app to use it.
  • It can fit all businesses: While using Zoho CRM, you realize it is more suited for small and medium-sized businesses. HubSpot CRM’s premium plans can help you meet more advanced business needs.
  • Third-Party Integrations: You can integrate Hubspot with email, website, and cell phone, making this Zoho alternative more useful to the user. Hubspot also comes with important Google features such as the calendar, Google Drive, and Gmail.


  • You will need to subscribe to premium features to get more advanced features.


HubSpot Pricing

Hubspot offers these different pricing plans:

  • Starter: $20/mo.
  • Professional: $890/mo.
  • Enterprise: $3,600/mo.

2. SalesForce CRM.

SalesForce CRM Home page

Any organization intending to automate marketing campaigns could decide to go for SalesForce CRM. This Zoho alternative offers creative CRM solutions to businesses of all sizes. SalesForce CRM is also cloud-based.

Marketing teams using this app can easily understand customer requirements and suggest ways to solve the company’s issues. The following features explain why SalesForce CRM could be a Zoho substitute.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Integration: This tool supports email integration. You can also integrate it with Shopify and Mailchimp.
  • Forecasting and improving Sales Productivity: SaleForce CRM improves the sales process by keeping the customer engaged. The tool also allows you to track leads and forecast revenues. This feature helps improve sales productivity.
  • Sales and Marketing cloud: SaleForce CRM is cloudbased. The marketing cloud allows you to manage social media, data analytics, and messages.


  • SaleForce CRM has a complicated user interface and could be challenging to navigate, especially for people new to customer relationship management (CRM) programs.


Below are the various pricing plans that SalesForce offers

SalesForce CRM Pricing

3. Monday.com.

Monday.com home page

CRM tools try to enhance marketing automation as much as possible. Like other Zoho alternatives, Monday.com helps you manage the sales pipeline, track leads, and improve customer relationships.

You just have to focus on closing the deals as it manages your tasks. Like Zoho CRM, you can adjust the Monday.com app to your needs and sales workflows.

However, the colorful views on Monday.com help you know where your deals stand and help you identify your next step. The features below show what it is like to use Monday.com.

Key Features and Pros:

  • The Kanban view: With the Kanban view, you easily manage your sales pipeline and know what your next step should be. With Monday.com, you can see the tasks you should do today or soon. You can also know which tasks are overdue.
  • Contact Management and Lead Management: Monday.com helps you in lead management since it ensures you call your leads in their local time. The local time column tells you whether it is day or night in your lead’s location.
  • Simplicity: Monday.com improves workflow automation by making the app easy to use.
  • Seamless CRM Integrations: Monday.com understands the need to improve CRM functionality by improving CRM integrations. Monday.com is integrated with Gmail & Outlook, Aircall, and DocuSign. Email integration improves email marketing by centralizing communication and keeping everyone up-to-date. With Aircall, you can manage sales calls and improve contact management.
  • Measure your success: Monday.com allows you to follow your business’ sales progress.
  • Automate Sales Processes: With Monday.com, you can automate repetitive work. You can automatically assign leads to some staff members, put reminders for impending tasks, and get notified when a lead appears.


Monday pricing
  • Free: $0 forever.
  • Basic: $8 seat/mo.
  • Standard: $10 seat/month.
  • Pro: $16 seat/month.
  • Enterprise: Custom Quote.

4. Pipedrive.

Pipedrive Home page

Pipedrive is one of the best Zoho alternatives out there. This tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve contact management and lead management.

With Pipedrive, you don’t have to worry about automating repetitive tasks. You can also customize the app to fit your business needs.

Like Zoho CRM, you can schedule necessary activities while the app reminds you what should be your next step. The features below expound the experience you could get from working with Pipedrive.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Track Progress: With Pipedrive, you can monitor your business’ performance and identify new leads. The tool also allows you to identify the tasks to complete to achieve your targets. With real-time reports, you know if you are on track and identify the course of action to take.
  • Set up a Pipeline: Pipedrive allows you to set up the stages of your sales funnel. Here, you can add your deals or import them from CRM software.
  • Automate growth: Your company’s sales team can use SalesForce to automate routine tasks, spot opportunities, and close more deals.
  • Team Collaboration: A sales team has to collaborate to track more leads and close more deals. With SalesForce, team collaboration becomes a reality. It allows sales teams to share updates on wins and sales operations.
  • Customizable Pipeline: SalesForce allows your business to customize your pipeline according to your sales cycle.
  • Revenue Forecasting: With SalesForce, you don’t have to move blindly. SalesForce allows you to forecast the company’s sales volume solely on your pipeline.


  • SalesForce does not have a Free Plan.


Pipedrive Pricing

Pipedrive offers these different pricing plans:

  • Essential: $9.90/per user per month, billed annually.
  • Advanced: $19.90/per user per month, billed annually.
  • Professional: $39.90/per user per month, billed annually.
  • Power: $49.90/per user per month, billed annually.

5. ProofHub.

ProofHub Home page

ProofHub is among the best Zoho alternatives out there. Imagine working with an app that allows you to use the language of your choice.

ProofHub’s multilingual interface allows you to work in languages such as Polish, French, Spanish, and English. Your team can plan, visualize, and manage the organization’s work with a shared calendar.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Calendar: The calendar allows you to view the tasks, events, and achievements in one place. You can even set automatic reminders to remain ahead of your tasks.
  • Project Management: ProofHub’s project management software helps assign personal tasks to your team members. The app helps assign more urgent tasks first before assigning other tasks.
  • Wonderful view: With ProofHub, you can view all your assigned projects, events, tasks, announcements, and milestones in one place. You just have to customize it according to your wants.
  • Quick Add: ProofHub allows you to make announcements, make projects, and suggest new discussion topics in one click.
  • Language: With ProofHub, you can set the language to use in the app. You can use Spanish, German, Russian, French, and English. You can use these languages to communicate with your clients and teams.


proofhub Pricing

Proofhub offers these different pricing plans:

  • Essential: $45/mo.
  • Ultimate Control: $89/mo.

6. LeadSquared.

LeadSquared Home page

You cannot exclude LeadSquered as among the best Zoho alternatives. This tool can provide CRM solutions in industries such as real estate, marketing, education, and hospitality. The following features give a better picture of what LeadSquared can do.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Third-party Integrations: You can integrate LeadSquared with Facebook, Zapier, and Google Ads.
  • Marketing Automation: LeadSquared has effective lead nurturing features.
  • Mobile CRM: With LeadSquared, you can track your team members’ moves to improve productivity.
  • Customizable Dashboard: With LeadSquared, you can customize the dashboard to fit your company’s needs.
  • LeadSquared can work in multiple industries: Whether your company is in healthcare, education, insurance, stock boring, or banking, you can still improve your productivity and sales efficiency using LeadSquared.
  • Effective Customer Care: LeadSquared’s customer care quickly responds to your queries.


  • Users complain of problems with the app’s reporting capabilities.


leadsquared pricing

These are the different pricing plans that Leadsquared offers:

  • Lite: $25/ user/mo billed annually.
  • Pro: $50/user/mo billed annually.
  • Super: $100/ user/mo billed annually.
  • Ultimate: Custom Quote.

Essential Features to Consider When Choosing Zoho CRM Alternatives.

Ease of Use: An app’s usability could determine your company’s success. Consider a CRM that is easy to use and adaptable to your business. Ease of use could increase your organization’s productivity.

Pricing Plans: An app’s pricing plans could determine your business’ profitability. So, you should consider an app with an affordable pricing plan.

Effectiveness: Zoho CRM allows you to track and pursue leads that are most likely to be closed. It also reminds you of scheduled calls and lets you connect your website forms, live chat, and contact.

Apps providing CRM solutions can provide these services, but you should check whether the app of your choice can allow you to customize these qualities to fit your company’s needs.

Accurate Forecasting: As you look for a CRM app, you seek one with CRM software that will help you make accurate business decisions.

To make these decisions, you should work with a tool that helps you make accurate forecasts about customer preferences and the outcomes of marketing campaigns.

Marketing Automation: Your business requires marketing automation. As you check for a CRM tool, you should look for one that allows you to update data, improve email marketing, and track leads. A tool with these qualities assures you of profitability.

Third-Party Integration: After checking what your business needs, you should choose an app that allows you to integrate your operations with essential third-party apps.

For instance, if your business needs to be connected with social media, you should choose a CRM tool with social media collaboration.

Best Zoho CRM Alternatives: Final Thoughts

Every company wishes to make a profit, which can only come when the company makes good decisions. To improve your company’s profitability, you need to engage a CRM tool that helps you improve customer relations.

This tool should help track leads and deals, contact your customers and potential customers, and remind you to make scheduled calls.

The tool should also accurately forecast your sales and revenue, allowing you to make better decisions on improving productivity. Zoho’s effectiveness makes it an effective CRM, but it cannot fulfill every company’s needs.

This makes it necessary to choose the best Zoho alternatives. We cannot pinpoint the best Zoho alternative, but after checking the qualities of each software, you can choose the one that fits your company’s needs.

Check for factors such as ease of use, pricing plans, integrations, and ability to automate marketing and accurately forecast sales.

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