13 Best Digital Business Cards in 2023 (Tested & Vetted)

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Are you a businessperson or a professional who wants to create new connections with potential clients? You should hand out your business cards at networking events, conferences, and workshops.

With modern technology and advancements, handing out physical business cards when digital business cards are available is a bit outdated. These cards, sometimes called electronic or virtual business cards, have become the new way to share your contact details.

I have used various digital business cards, and I can confirm that they are versatile and effective tools to engage and network with your clients. Many business card apps are available today in the digital market, enabling you to develop a professional business card.

In this article, I have provided a list of the best digital business cards, helping you develop unique electronic business cards to improve client engagement and networking.

What Are the Best Digital Business Cards?

1. Popl.

popl Home page. Best Digital Business Cards

Popl is one of the best digital business card applications in the market today. This digital business card solution allows you to develop stunning business cards and offers ways to share your digital card. If you want to improve your networking through business cards, this should be your first place.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Instant information sharing through this electronic business card.
  • Digital business card app is compatible with at least 5000 software.
  • The advanced versions have personal and business cards.
  • You can capture your leads from the profile.
  • You can have both physical and digital cards.
  • Easier information updating.


  • You have to subscribe to access the advanced features of this application   


Popl Pricing

Bottom Line:

I have interacted with this virtual business card, and I have found it to be excellent. If you want a digital card that meets your professional requirements, you may need to try Popl. This platform is among the best digital business cards available, allowing you to make professional digital cards for yourself or the team.

2. Blinq.

blinq Homepage

With this digital card, you can easily create your digital business card and share it with other people. It is among the best card solutions in the market at the moment. You will successfully let people get your contacts through this digital business card.

If big companies like Google and Uber are using this card app, there is no reason why you should not use it.

Key Features and Pros:

  • It involves, sharing cards right from your Apple Watch.
  • You can customize your digital business card.
  • Increased data privacy and security for users.
  • Card sharing has no limits, and digital sharing has been made easy.
  • You can add notes to the contacts when you want to share your card.
  • Dynamic email signatures with this digital card solution.
  • There is a teams option with this digital business card app.


  • No adequate color customization features.
  • There is no option for adding videos.
  • There is no option to print physical business cards.


Bling pricing

Bottom Line:

Blinq offers a better platform for you to create outstanding business cards. If you are looking for the best digital business card to improve your networking and engagement with others, this card app will suit you. You will be able to easily create digital business cards and share the card by scanning the card with a QR code.

3. Mobilo.

Mobilo Homepage

If you are interested in lead generation, then Mobilo is the business card you could try. The Mobilo card is a plastic card you can order with a custom or generic print.

It is a digital business card with a QR code and an NFC tag. If you scan the QR code, you will be redirected to a digital business card. You can update your information on the virtual business card as often as you like.

Its features and advantages include a team platform and incredible NFC card options. This card will allow you to track your leads and visualize their locations.

Key Features and Pros:

  • This digital card platform has a user-friendly interface and a fantastic team dashboard.
  • This digital card allows lead tracking.
  • The digital business card platform has multiple NFC features.
  • It is the best digital business card solution for making professional business cards.
  • It does not need a subscription for users.
  • You can customize your business cards easily.
  • You can update contact information on the digital card easily.
  • This digital card solution offers multiple card designs to allow customization.


  • The platform is not as effective as those of competitors.
  • You have to buy an NFC business card.


Mobilo Pricing

Bottom Line:

The Mobilo platform would be essential for a company to improve lead generation and ensure you realize improved networking. The e-business card from Mobilo can be given out to new contacts or business prospects, enhancing your networking.

4. Beaconstac.

Beaconstac Homepage

This business card has easy QR code functionality, and you will not require an app to send the generated business cards.

It is among the best digital business card generators available in the market, and you can share your e-business card via Google Wallet and Apple. It will allow you to improve your connections through improved business cards and improved sharing.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Beaconstac’s digital business card app ensures security for clients.
  • You can enforce brand templates.
  • Beaconstac’s cards allow tracking of how potential clients have checked the digital cards.
  • It enables you to create digital business cards in large quantities.
  • You can update the information in the care.
  • Beaconstac’s digital business card solution allows for customization.
  • The analytics feature lets you learn about the total and unique number of card views, which could help marketing.


  • Expensive for small businesses.
  • The initial plan would not allow bulk card creation.


Beaconstac Pricing

Bottom Line:

The digital business card solution Beaconstac provides is effective and simple. You can share the digital cards with customers, colleagues, or prospects through the QR code, enhancing your engagement and networking. Beaconstac is the best e-business card, and it will help you meet your needs.

5. Wave Connect.

Wave Connect Home page

This business card app is among the newest technologies for making business cards. This digital card app has an outstanding landing page. It has several features that should make you consider it when making digital cards.

Key Features and Pros:

  • It enables numerous CRM integrations.
  • It contains aspects such as socials, videos, and contact information that are basic in a business card.
  • It is available for purchase on Amazon.
  • It allows branded templates.


  • The application does not allow you to customize the cards as much as others.
  • The free plan has no advanced features; you must pay to access all the digital card features.


WaveConnect pricing

Bottom Line:

Though this digital business card platform is new to this market, it offers ways to design business cards with NFC features. It is the platform whose products will be outstanding in the future. In the end, Wave Connect will offer you a better approach to interacting with your client when all features are complete.

6. SwitchIt.

SwitchIt Home page

This digital card allows you to design and share digital business cards. The virtual business card app will enable you to track potential clients easily.

The receivers of the cards do not need to have the app, and it allows sharing your virtual business card with social media platforms. This virtual business card app will allow you to add video to the card, which makes it unique.

Key Features and Pros:

  • This business card app offers you eight ways to share your business card.
  • This digital business card enables file upload, and it has a business card scanner.
  • You can generate beautiful business card templates.
  • The card marker allows you to have reminders synchronizing with your Outlook, Microsoft, and Google calendars.
  • You can call and text from the app via the SMART address book.


  • The free plan lacks the business card scanner.
  • There is no option to create an NFC card.


SwitchIt pricing

Bottom Line:

SwitchIt has numerous critical features that allow you to develop the business card you need. The card made can be shared with the prospects and teams in multiple ways. If you have a small business and want outstanding digital business, this is where you need to go.

7. CamCard.

CamCard Homepage

Unlike other applications, CamCard does not have the option to develop the business. Instead, it works as a business card trader or organizer for electronic and physical cards. You could create the digital card through Canva and then upload the card to CamCard.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Quick physical card scanning.
  • Contact information auto-population.
  • You use your own card design on this platform.
  • You can share your digital business card with other people.
  • You can add notes to the cards.


  • The site has ads that you will have to deal with.
  • The ad-free version is expensive.
  • It does not make the business card itself.


CamCard Pricing

Bottom Line:

If you want to use your design to develop a digital card, CamCard could be your ultimate choice. It would enable you to easily connect with other people through the improved card scanning and easy sharing of digital cards. This virtual business card’s connection and networking will enhance your e-commerce and business activities.

8. HiHello.

hihello Homepage

HiHello is a digital business card enabling you to create, share, or receive virtual business cards. HiHello is free and compatible with Android and Apple phones, allowing users to quickly develop beautiful and presentable digital cards. If you want improved networking business cards, you must try HiHello cards.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Easy digital business card sharing, even with those without the application.
  • HiHello has a user-friendly interface.
  • It comes with a business card scanner, which enables you to receive the electronic business card.
  • It has numerous templates for professional designs.
  • It is available on both Android and iOS.
  • This business card app comes with an address book.
  • The charges for using the digital card are fair.


  • The application lacks company-designed templates for NFC cards for large businesses.


hihello Pricing

Bottom Line:

HiHello is the top-rated digital card, and you can share your HiHello digital business cards with your contacts or potential clients. With the free plan, you can make a free digital business card via this application. It will also allow you to organize your contacts and receive business cards from other individuals.

9. Haystack.

Haystack Homepage

The Haystack digital business card app is another tool that you may use to create your cards for networking. It is one of the best apps that offer a new way to create and share digital business cards.

With this card, you can scan the physical card, get the electronic information, and add it to the contacts list. Therefore, it would be necessary for individuals who want to convert their paper cards into digital business cards.

Key Features and Pros:

  • This business card app has various ways to share the digital card. You may send through emails, NFC, VCF, vCard, and texts. You can also use social media accounts to share the card or the information.
  • The card is designed with teamwork capabilities and multiple approaches to sharing contact details.
  • This digital business card has API integrations and CRM capabilities to improve the sharing of business cards.
  • It is available on the App Store and IOS.
  • It could be used for marketing by offering updates, images, and link.s
  • You can share the card via a QR code.


  • There are security concerns, and it needs SSL certificates and some improvements.
  • The free plan has limited features, and the business plan requires people to pay.


Haystack Pricing

Bottom Line:

Haystack allows you to make your digital business cards and has various unique features. It is among the business card solutions today due to its improved team capabilities. It would enable you to share digital business cards and details with as many people as necessary.

10. Kado Network.

kadonetworks Homepage

Kado Network is an all-in-one networking application that allows you to create digital cards and use them to improve networking.

This app has been designed to share and receive business cards and manage contact notes and recordings. The app will also allow you to organize your recordings and contact notes.  

Key Features and Pros:

  • It has templates for business card creation, a scanner for paper business cards, and a QR code to allow card sharing.
  • This application integrates with your calendars, emails, and LinkedIn application.
  • Kado Network allows you to synchronize all your contacts and have them in one place.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that will save you time.
  • The application is pretty affordable for you, and you receive numerous functions from the card.


kadonetworks pricing


  • The free plan is extended to only three people.

Bottom Line:

If you are a professional or business that wants a digital card app with networking capabilities, Kado Network would be an essential tool. It is among the best business card apps available now and has diverse features.

You will enjoy improved contact management and use the app to create, share, and receive business cards. I am convinced that this application will enhance your networking and performance.

11. Canva.

Canva Homepage

Sometimes, you may want both digital and physical cards and the application enabling you to realize this is Canva adequately.

This AI design tool has many professional templates that you will use to develop digital business cards and allows you to print these cards.

You can upload the cards to card organizer apps like CamCard to share them with your contacts or potential clients.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Canva has many templates to select from when designing the digital card.
  • This digital card app comes with numerous options to format details.
  • It is important for you if you need to have digital cards and also print the physical cards.
  • You can upload the designed cards to business-sharing apps, which allow you to share the card with potential clients.
  • The application comes with a free plan.


  • The pro and enterprise plans are costly.


Canva Pricing

Bottom Line:

Canva can be your business card that will not disappoint you. It is an appropriate platform to create digital and physical cards that you can use for your professional and business activities. It would improve your interactions with potential clients, enhancing your business activities.

12. QRCodeChimp.

QRCodeChimp Home page

This digital business card app will suit you if you value visually appealing and professional profiles. It will also allow you to enjoy its user-friendly interface and enterprise-grade security.

Through the app, you will be able to add contact details to prospects’ phonebooks and ensure that there are higher chances of conversion.

Key Features and Pros:

  • The platform offers in-depth analytics.
  • It allows API integration.
  • Access management capabilities.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Domain white labeling.
  • Bulk creation and could create thousands of digital business cards.
  • The platform offers folders for data organization and sharing.
  • It has multiple card templates and enables you to customize your digital business card.


  • The free plan allows one to create a limited number of digital cards.
  • This digital card is expensive for businesses or people who want to make many cards.
QRCodeChimp pricing

Bottom Line:

The QRCodeChimp remains an appropriate choice for people who want appealing business cards. This card is where to go for bulk card creation with API integration. You can share and organize data with your contacts and potential clients.

13. V1CE Business Card.

V1CE Business Card Homepage

If you need a digital card that is best looking, you may need to look out for the V1CE business card. The card comes with various templates and has a user-friendly interface.

With the platform, you can generate beautiful digital business cards that could enable you to share your contact details. Various features and advantages of this platform stand out for me.

Key Features and Pros:

  • This platform does not need a subscription to generate the business cards.
  • There are no limitations regarding where you should ship your business cards.
  • You can update your information in real time and will not have to print business cards after changing some information.
  • The application offers you awesome designs for digital cards.
  • The cards have excellent finishing to give visually appealing business cards.


  • The site will show the product to you, but it could be unavailable in the cart.
  • The business card has an expensive plan.
Vice Business Card pricing

Bottom Line:

V1CE Business Card is one of the top digital cards with the most visually appealing cards. If you need to create beautiful business digital cards for networking, visit their site, view the available designs, and select suitable ones. V1CE will improve your connections with potential clients.

What Are Digital Business Cards?

A digital business card is an electronic form of the physical business card that businesspeople or professionals carry and give out to the people they meet.

It will have the features of a traditional business card, but it is electronic and will be shared with people electronically. This card will have information like name, phone number, email, company, position that you hold, and professional information.

The business people will share the digital business cards through text, emails, social media platforms, and the modern QR code approach. These cards are created using applications or websites.

How do Digital Business Cards Work?

Digital business cards work like traditional business cards, and they help you share information with people you meet so that they can contact you if they need your professional or business services or products.

However, unlike physical business cards, virtual business cards allow you to share and store contact details intangibly and in real-time. You use the internet and other electronic ways to share these digital business cards.

Thus, the digital business card should be seen as the ticket to a new professional contact and could help transform your business adequately. They will communicate about you adequately and correctly.

Best Digital Business Cards: Final Thoughts

In modern times, digital business cards remain a critical strategy for engaging with current and potential clients. You should select the right app that you will use to generate the appropriate digital cards.

Based on the app you choose, you can improve client experience, network more, and update the card information as frequently as you think appropriate. The digital business card app I have discussed has outstanding features, and I found them helpful in sharing your contact and business details.

It is time for you to embrace this new way of developing and sharing your personal and professional contact details with people you meet or your potential clients.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the benefits of using digital business card apps?

The benefit of digital business cards cannot be overemphasized. Like the paper business card, they help you connect and engage with potential and existing clients, which is pivotal for any business.

Digital business cards will help you save money and time, and they are eco-friendly cards with minimal adverse effects on the environment compared to physical business cards.

Also, creating many cards at lower costs than physical cards is possible with these cards. They make card sharing easy, and you can share in multiple ways, including QR codes, emails, social media, and others.

How do you select the best business card app?

When selecting the virtual business card apps you will use, you should consider their features, pros, cons, and pricing strategies. The user interface and ease of use are among the best digital card app considerations.

Using a digital business card should be an easy, effective, and fast way to share contact details. The ease of sharing and the bulk of creation are other factors you should consider.

Card sharing should be easy and instant through business card applications and sites. Other features to consider with digital cards are affordability, bulk creation, security, analytics, and API integrations.

What should be included in a digital business card?

Like the paper cards, the digital cards should have your contact details. You should include your name, address, email address, phone number, business name, and position.

You may also want to include your website links, social media links, location, and photo. Others will have the QR code to allow easy card sharing.

With these details, it will be easy for others to know you, your business, or your profession and contact you whenever they need your services or products.

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